Super Mario 63 Redux Logo

The long-awaited return of a classic!

Beautiful New Artstyle!

Fully Rewritten Dialogue!

Catchy New Soundtrack!

Streamlined Level Design!

After 13 years...

The legendary fan-game Super Mario 63
is returning with a brand new coat of paint!

13 years ago, Super Mario 63 was released by Runouw, and all this time later it’s still one of the most popular and successful Super Mario fangames ever made!

Well, we saw that and thought: “Those seem like realistic expectations to aim for, let’s remake it!” – and thus, Super Mario 63 Redux was born!

Super Mario 63 Redux aims not just to remaster
but to enhance every aspect of the game!

Whilst maintaining a respectful consistency to the original game, we have still sought to remaster and improve everything that we can. This means streamlining annoying missions, polishing level design and structure and even adding content in small, fitting ways!